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 About Gingly
Who / What is Gingly?

A unique facility to Store and Backup your Favorite / Important SMS and Contacts in on line through mobile at free of cost.  sms <YOUR NAME> to 9566295662

How does it Work?

GinGly works only on simple SMS Technology.
So for SMS and Contact backup you do not required Bluetooth, Infrared, Data Cables, WiFi's , Edge , GPRS in your phones.


Simply Open the message or contact and forward it to our Virtual Server Long Code 95662 95662 for Free.

Gingly Works?

Gingly works with any phone on any network, anywhere! and we have certain sms commands to download the same to your mobile or email.

Migrating to an New Phone or Lost your old phone/SIM. Just get a new phone / SIM and request for Restore through sms, GinGly will restore the saved data's instantly

Gingly - is this free of Service?

GinGly does not charge your for storing data's in volume. Local sms charges will be applicable by your service provider.
If you're outside Tamil Nadu & India, check with your operator about what they will charge you for National sms & International sms charges and see if they have any deals to reduce the cost with limited Free sms/day.


Currently Gingly has the ability to deliver over 400 SMS per second. And is capable of handling extremely high volumes of messaging during peak hours.

Our carrier grade SMSC has delivered over million messages so far.

Store, Restore, Search your SMS and contacts as instanlty from your mobile and you can send unlimited free of SMS to anywhere in INDIA

Features of Gingly

Gingly offers on mobile and web features based on the mode of normal or business usage.

Normal: SMS application available direct from the mobile include Store and Retrieve, Free SMS, Group Messaging, Chat, Follow, Reminders, Public SMS, Yap, Forward, Widgets etc

Business: SMS application includes Conference, SMS packages, SMS coupons, Celebrities, Advertisement through Email, SMS etc…

Advantages of Gingly

 Free registration of mobile number.

 No need of Internet connection or any advanced mobile.
 Gingly enables any mobile user to retrieve their own stored phones numbers and text.
 It enables users to search for keywords by both mobile and web.
 Enable registered user to post public message.
 Enables sharing of messages among friends and groups.
 Send Free SMS to any mobile network in India.
 Send Reminders, Email / SMS Alerts.
 Organize easily 1000's of text messages and contacts
 Search and download sms /contacts directly from your mobile

Groups of Gingly

You can Create Groups and organize your friends/families via single message.
Group of friends/colleagues/families organize under single tree to communicate through single sms.
Click here to check the Top Groups Available in Gingly.


We have the instant concept of Yapping - where you can update yourself as what you doing, so, if any user visits your profile they would know what you are doing at that moment.

Example: YAP am in meeting @ office

Following / Followers of Friends

Each user could post public messages on GinGly.
For more about Public SMS

If you follow him/her, you will get his/her public message to your mobile instantly for Free!!!

You will get friends/fans for your profile and for your sms.


You can set FREE SMS / Email Reminders, Alerts, Alarms for Birthday, Business Meeting, Events, Occasional etc...

Celebrity / Premium Groups

Gingly Proudly Associated with some of the celebrities to make touch directly with fans and medias.

More about Celebrities Page

How to Register in Gingly? to store and Backup SMS and Contacts

To Create a free account SMS 'Your Name' to 95662 95662 ( from your mobile ) and your account is created in seconds and you will get user name and password in your registered mobile.

or Register Online @ www.gingly.com

As Simply Open the message or contact and forward it to our Virtual Server Long Code 95662 95662 for Free

Mobile Software

Download FREE Gingly Mobile Software to automate your SMS and Contacts @ Online. We have a software on .SIS and Java, which makes user to install according to the mobile compatability

Earnings through Gingly

Use Gingly and get Points, you could Earn Cash , Buy Gifts or even Gift your friends.

For more about pointing systems

Who makes Gingly and Why?

Gingly is operated by ITAcumens & MobiDrive. We are based in Chennai INDIA.

We made GinGly because we think, keeping your SMS and contacts is an important thing.

And we want you to be able to keep your favorite important messages you receive from friends and family forever.

Get Support

Visit the support Discussion Forum @ GinGly Discussion Community. Powered by IT Acumens. Where you can find answers and solutions to the most common problems.

You can also just leave us ideas for things you'd like to see. You can start by asking a question here.


To get in touch with us please contact us at the following places.

Support :

Visit the GinGly Discussion Forum or contact support(at)gingly.com

Business and Partnership Enquiries : business(at)gingly.com

Developers and API Enquiries :


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